Auto Detailing

All of our services are completed in a timely, professional manner. Our attention to detail and level of expertise has continued to be our greatest assets. Our experienced professional team of automotive detailers will listen to your needs and concerns and work diligently and patiently with each vehicle, assuring the complete satisfaction of each customer. We give each automobile the attention to detail it deserves.

We offer a range of detailing packages to meet your specific needs. Whether you need standard cleaning or a complete restoration, we ensure your car will look great inside and out. Some of our unparalleled assets include:
• An exceptional eye to detail
• Using the best possible products
• Many years of experience
• All employees are trained by owners
• Professional detailers on site

Boat Detailing

Signature Mobile detail offers professional mobile detailing services for boats, and other watercrafts such as WaveRunners, Jet skis and Sea-Doos to help you save time and money. Keep your boat or watercraft looking new by booking a boat wash or detail. After booking, our highly-trained technicians will travel to your location to clean your boat or watercraft.

Boat washes start at $6.00 ft
Full Boat details start at $16 ft
Full boat detail with 2 step gel coat restoration $28.00 ft

Fleet Detailing

Make a Good First Impression with Mobile Fleet Washing Service Your vehicle fleet says a lot about your company. Maintaining clean vehicles shows customers and prospective clients that you care about your business’s quality. It also creates easier maintenance schedules and eliminates fines and delays caused by the Department of Transportation.

Call us for an in person consultation!

RV Detailing

Signature mobile detail provides three different packages for Exterior RV Detailing Services.  We treat your investment as if it is our own and use high-quality products to get your RV exterior shining like new!

Package A is a basic exterior cleaning service.  Technicians will complete a spot-free wash and dry your RV.  Exterior windows will be cleaned, rims will be cleaned, and tires will be shined.  This package is great for removing dust, debris, and road grime from your last camping trip if the RV already has a quality coat of wax applied this season. 
• $5.50 /linear foot
• Spot Free Wash & Dry
• Clean Outside Window
• Clean Rims & Shine Tires

Package B includes a high-quality liquid wax application.  This step is critically important to protect your RV from weather, solar UV rays, dust, debris, and other environmental hazards that can harm your investment.
• $13 /linear foot • Spot Free Wash & Dry
• Clean Outside Window
• Clean Rims & Shine Tires
• High-Quality Liquid Wax

Package C takes your detail to another level by compounding and buffing your RV prior to waxing in order to remove oxidation and restore the shine to your rig.  Bring the life back to your RV exterior!
• $26/linear foot
• Spot Free Wash & Dry
• Clean Outside Window
• Clean Rims & Shine Tires
• High-Quality Liquid Wax
• Oxidation Removal
• Compound & Buff to Restore Shine

Stand Alone Services (NOT included in packages above)      $50 – Clean Main Awning $75.00 roof scrub/clean

RV Interior

Package A is more of a basic cleaning service.  We will vacuum the entire interior, clean all interior windows, dust, and clean tables, kitchen counters, and bathroom counters.  This package is perfect for getting your RV turned around quickly in between trips, so you can enjoy your time away without having to worry about cleaning while on vacation. 
• $10/linear foot
• Vacuum Interior
• Clean Windows
• Dust
• Clean Tables
• Clean Kitchen Counters
• Clean Bathroom Counters

Package B is a deep cleaning detailing service.  All of the services from Package A are included.  In addition, appliance exteriors will be cleaned, leather furniture will be conditioned, carpets and cloth upholstery will be shampooed as needed, and the living quarters, bathroom, and kitchen will all be deep cleaned.  This package is ideal at the beginning and end of the RV season; make sure your investment is sparkling clean to start your camping season and is put away for the winter in pristine condition. 
• $15/linear foot
• Vacuum Interior
• Clean Windows
• Dust
• Clean Tables
• Clean Kitchen Counters
• Clean Bathroom Counters
• Detail Driver’s Cabin
• Clean Appliances
• Condition Leather  
• Shampoo Carpets & Chairs
• Deep Clean Living Quarters 
• Deep Clean Bathroom
• Deep Clean Kitchen


Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating adds a thick layer of long lasting protection to the surface of your vehicle outlasting any wax or sealants. A ceramic coating offers a permeable chemical bond to your vehicles surface allowing it to last anywhere from 6 months to a lifetime. With ceramic coatings you are able to achieve a higher level of protection than previously available with waxes and sealants due to the chemical make up that provides superior abrasion resistance, UV protection, and a higher repair value to the vehicles original paint structure. Ceramic coatings help protect your vehicles very thin layer of clear coat helping ensure your vehicle keeps its repair value and well as its overall value in the long run. Your vehicles clear coat is on average the thickness of a sticky note, and the more times your correct and thin down that layer the less repair value your vehicle has. A single layer of a ceramic coating can measure up to 100 times thicker than the standard wax or sealant that comes in at roughly .02 microns. This allows the coating to effectively absorb and protect against damages that would be permanent with your standard wax and sealants. While most waxes and sealants have to be reapplied every few months, a ceramic coating can last years with the proper maintenance schedule! 


What are the Benefits of a Ceramic Coating?
• Abrasion Resistance
• Marring Resistance
• Swirl and Scratch Resistance
• Gloss Retention
• Easier to Keep Clean
• High Level Chemical Resistance
• Hydrophobic Properties
• Thicker Layer of Protection
• Element and Weather Protection
• Protection Against Bird Droppings
• Protection Against Bug Chemicals
• Heat Resistance
• Stays Clean Longer

Paint Correction Process

Paint correction is a crucial service to provide on your vehicles. On every car is an outer layer of clear coating that seals and protects its paint. Time and friction will eventually cause damage to this outer clear layer, no matter how well you take care of your car. Paint correction, also called paint restoration, works by removing microscopic layer of your car’s clear outer layer to take care of imperfections. By removing scratches and swirls on this outer layer, your vehicle is left looking like new, with its original paint fully intact.

Benefits of of paint correction
-Stopping chemicals, dirt and moisture from attacking clear coats 

-Slowing the spread of rust and corrosion
-Adding a new level of gloss and shine to your vehicle

-Making exterior paint surfaces appear like-new

-Eliminating swirl marks and surface defects
-Hard water spot removal